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Mark down the dates January 12, 13 and 14 for all three will be all superb and each will take energy from the January 9 new moon, which is significant. Talks will go your way, so use those days for key interviews. Something about what you accomplished in the recent past will come into play now. Your experience may be precisely what the client or employer needs in a candidate to oversee their biggest clients.

July 19 will be another key time for career, but that is a date of the full moon, and it will be a difficult one. If you are passed over for a promotion, it may be a blessing in disguise for if you took the job, in time you might find it unnecessarily stressful. Those end weeks of , September 27 to November 9, which for all practical purposes center mainly on October, will allow you to make amazing professional leaps and bounds, whether you stay in your present position, or change jobs.

You may need a partner, headhunter, job broker, lawyer, or other intermediary to help you get a new job if that is what you want by the year-end. The new moon of September 30 will be one of the best and most beautiful of the year, and may bring you the perfect middleman to help you find the right position. That new moon will be golden for other reasons, and I will get to those later. This planet of great good fortune first entered Virgo and your sixth house of work assignments and health on August 11, You may have already begun to see the benefits that Jupiter is known to bestow, You may have gotten the most enviable assignments at your job and will continue to do so , and if you are self-employed, you will have no trouble finding lots of new business.

If you need to hire help, this year you will find the right people to hire who you will need to report to you, and they will add much to the team effort. Your health will improve too under Jupiter in Virgo. If you feel good, you may start a fitness program or already did in the past few months that you love so much that you will keep it up as a regular part of your routine.

If you say you have not felt well it is clear that you can find distinguished doctors to help you feel better. Do your research when choosing a doctor, and also ask friends for recommendations. I have found after much research that hosting Jupiter in the sixth house, as you have now, is the ideal position to lose weight. If losing weight and becoming sleek is your goal, then get started quickly, as you will have until September 9 to set your course.

What you start now, you can continue for at least a dozen years into the future, if not forever. Here are your best dates in for love. Married or single August may turn out to be a wonderful time for you.

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If single you will have a perfect opportunity to meet someone new, for the new moon will appear in your solar fifth house of true love on August 2, and open up a group of days, from August 2 to 14 that would be ideal for meeting someone new. Last year, from July to August , you were under excellent vibrations for love If you met someone during that twelve month period, and you are still together, take that relationship seriously, as it has solid potential.

Attached couples will have more fun, and it would be a great time to take a vacation together to a sunny location. Both Uranus and Saturn will offer their respective gifts of happy surprise and stability, making this new moon a standout. By the full moon, August 18, you will have more social action, and be surrounded by many friends. The most important change in your love life will be when Jupiter leaves Virgo and enters Libra - beginning September 9, and staying in Libra until next year, October 10, During that period, you will be the most favored sign of all to marry.

This will be your best year in over a decade to get engaged or actually wed.

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If you are dating and in love, there will be no reason to wait to make a commitment. Your mate will likely become very prosperous soon, through , so in all ways, you will be very happy. Having more money coming in will give you both more options of enjoyable things to do together. If you are single, during this period you will start to meet more marriageable types to date.

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The luckiest day of the year will be September 26, when the Sun and Jupiter meet, and the mighty Sun will expand all of the goodness inherent in Jupiter many times over. Many Aries who are single and in love will get engaged on this date, or, or shortly after the gorgeous new moon, September That new moon in the marriage sign of Libra will be one of the happiest new moons of , and being Libra is the marriage sign, and will fall in your commitment sector, it will be ideal to wed. If you prefer a weekend date, choose Saturday, October 1. That will still be a wonderful day my second choice for it will catch many of the golden vibrations of the new moon.

Even if you are not dating and cannot imagine getting engaged and married, the Sun is involved on September 25, the natural ruler of your true love sector, so be sure to circulate with eligible types. As you get to the end of the year, it looks like you will have a beautiful season to relax and celebrate the holidays. Your ruler, Mars, will circulate in your eleventh house of friends and hopes and wishes.

From November 9 to December 16, your friends will invite you to parties and dinners, and overall, this period should be outstandingly social and festive.

Dear Aries, is a year to make great strides in your career, despite the slow movement of Mars. Keep in mind that your best months for career progress will be January, February, March, end of September, October, November and December, for all these months will be supportive of your career ambitions. You will need to remain practical and realistic in the way you craft your ideas but you may be able to find ways to translate those large projects in economical terms. In love, you have days in the year that will sparkle like diamonds. In fact, if you are in love, you may be setting the date to wed for in or Are you single?

You may be gratified to meet more substantial types than they have in the past - one may be special enough to bring home to introduce to Mom or Dad.

Life is an adventure, but never more than in , dear Aries. Let the slower pace of give you a chance to get a realistic perspective of your life and come up with original ideas to delete some parts and add others. The changes you make are sure to leave you with a happier, healthier and more prosperous life. Find all of Susan Millers horoscopes for here! Mehr zum Thema. Taurus October Monthly Horoscope.

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